06.11.2017. The abstract for the session about the communication of evolutionary research is now available.

10.10.2017. We have added a new session to the programme: “Fieldwork in Cultural Evolution Research” led by Monique Borgerhoff Muller.

10.10.2017. We have just launched an online group chat of attendants to the workshop (see email on 10.10.2017).

10.10.2017. If you have registered for the workshop, you can register for the workshop dinner now (see email on 09.10.2017).

07.10.2017. The workshop programme has been rearranged.

07.10.2017. Young Social Learners Researchers (YSLR) are organising a Pre-Workshop meet-up at Penryn on the 15th November at 7pm. Further details on their website.

21.09.2017. We are offering, on behalf of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (EHBEA), six £50 travel grants for EHBEA student members.

05.09.2017. The abstract for the session about mathematical modelling is now available.

27.08.2017. The abstract for the session about cultural evolution experiments with human participants is now available.

11.08.2017. The abstract for the session about cultural phylogenetics is now available.

09.08.2017. Abstracts for the sessions about interdisciplinary research and agent-based modelling are now available.

07.08.2017. The registration for the workshop is now open.